Resu, North Garo Hills, Meghalaya 794108

Saturday, 28 February 2015

AdJuvenes 0.1.0

I started out this small project late last year for students of classes IX & X as a platform for practicing objective maths online and as a pre-runner to my actual Node.js-based web app which I have been building for over a year now (this MathOptio will be later part of it). I wish I could have some more time, but again, perfection begets another time.

What is out now is very minimal, and there could be some minor errors. Append to that is another major constraint in the form of platforms offering DBaaS for CouchDB (the database for this project) with their pricey slabs (most of them charge "per pull request"). So I decided not to use any for now and pulled-off implementing the login/password/account pages along with the essential dynamic questions and their corresponding AngularJS factories for this version.

Two chapters, "Linear Equations in Two Variables" in Algebra and "Quadrilaterals" in Geometry, are excluded for now. They will be available in BETA release.